March 26, 2023


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Kitchen Table Models That Fit Your Needs


The kitchen table is an important part of this area. So, so important, kitchen tables are often designed to maximize or focus on function only.

The problem is, can the kitchen table be designed or designed according to your wishes or needs? so that he can also have a beautiful and aesthetic appearance or model like a kitchen set?
The Pool table games answer is, of course you can.

Here are 20 choices of kitchen table models that you can adjust to your needs!

#1 Kitchen Table Model that Integrates with a Mini Bar

On this one kitchen table, the mini bar is usually placed separately from the kitchen table.
However, this time the table and mini bar are designed to blend. This type of table is in great demand, especially by urbanites. This type of table is suitable for a minimalist-style residence or for an apartment.

#2 Integration between Sink, Stove and Kitchen Table

Those of you who like things that are simple and fast can use a table that is integrated directly with this one sink and stove. That way, you don’t have to move far away just to cook and wash something. You only need to slightly shift the position of the body.

#3 Storage Space on the Kitchen Table

When you’re cooking, you certainly need a variety of supporting products such as spices or other complementary ingredients. This will be easier to do if you have a kitchen table with storage space. That way, it will be easier for you to get what you need. When cooking, your needs are in the same area.

#4 The Model that Unites the Dining Table and Kitchen Table

If your kitchen area is not too big, you can take advantage of this one kitchen table option. The use of the dining table and kitchen table separately will make your kitchen crowded. The unification of the kitchen table and the kitchen table is quite brilliant, right?

#5 Kitchen Table Ready to Serve

Want a portable kitchen table that is simple but very multifunctional? If that’s something you’re looking for, then this kitchen table by Moritz Putzier could be the one for you. This kitchen table is equipped with a gas stove and hooks to hang kitchen utensils. In addition, this table can also be used as a dining table. A very special combination, right?

#6 Kitchen Countertop Model with Beautiful Mini Storage

If you want a minimalist and functional kitchen table, you can try a table equipped with this mini storage space. This space can accommodate all your cooking needs. There are also several hooks that can be used to hang various cooking utensils such as spoons, spoons, etc.

#7 Future Models on the Kitchen Counter

When in your storage cupboard there are only broccoli and tomatoes, you must be thinking, what time do you want today? You only need to put the two ingredients on your kitchen table. Later, you will get information about what dishes you can make with these ingredients.

This sophisticated concept was presented by one of the big brands in the furniture world, namely IKEA. This concept is called the IKEA Concept Kitchen 2025. Who wants to try it?

#8 This Kitchen Table is Rich in Partitions

Those of you who like to cook certainly need a lot of storage space in the kitchen. A table that is rich in partitions is perfect for you, because it can accommodate a lot of things.

#9 Rounded Shapes on the Kitchen Table

A narrow kitchen area like the one in an apartment does provide its own challenges for residents. Especially if you want a functional and elegant kitchen. However, the existence of anencompassing kitchen table can be a solution. This is because all the tools you need are available and easy to reach.

#10 Has a Flexible Faucet on This Kitchen Countertop Model

The presence of a faucet in the sink is a common thing. But what if the faucet is flexible and can extend on your kitchen table? The business of cleaning a dirty table is not difficult anymore.

#11 Tiny Kitchen Table

Kitchen island is the name of this tiny kitchen table. This mini table has a complete storage area and is suitable for a residence that is not too large.

#12 Wheels on Tiny Kitchen Tables

If you want a movable kitchen island, you can rely on this one-wheeled table. So when you want to cook elsewhere, you just need to move it easily.

#13 Dining Table Model with Kitchen Island

Although the kitchen island is a minimalist kitchen table, this type of table can be very multifunctional. One of them is to combine this kitchen table with a dining table.

#14 Kitchen Island Base Cabinet

Although small, your kitchen can still look neat and feel spacious. Therefore, you need to take advantage of the kitchen island which is equipped with a base cabinet at the bottom. This table will be perfect for you.

#15 Complete Features on Kitchen Island

Still with a kitchen island, even though it is included in a minimalist dining table, apparently there is also a kitchen island that has super complete features. This kitchen island is equipped with a stove, sink and dining table.

#16 Bookshelf on the Kitchen Table Model

Those of you who like to read as well as cook can place a bookshelf on your kitchen table. Furniture like this is suitable for those of you who are literacy lovers.

#17 Futuristic Kitchen Island

An elegant and futuristic impression is shown by this one kitchen island. The metal material used reinforces the modern image of the appearance on each side.

#18 Bringing Television to the Kitchen Countertop Model

Cooking food while watching your favorite drama must be fun. If you want this, complete your kitchen table with a flat TV on it. Cooking is even more fun.

#19 Kitchen Island with Butcher Block

Those of you who like to process food by cutting can choose a kitchen set with a butcher block surface. The existence of a butcher block is perfect for you, because you can cut directly on the table.

#20 Full Wood Kitchen Table Model

Want to feel the feel of your hometown while cooking? Use a kitchen table made of full wood when installing. You will feel the ethnic and traditional impression in your kitchen.
It can be concluded that the kitchen table is an important part of the kitchen set that is quite routine for you to use. Therefore, adjust this table model to the conditions of the cooking area, as well as your needs.