March 26, 2023


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Types of Cutting-Off Machines


A cut-off machine is a device used to cut various kinds of materials. Ed mill sharpener It may be electric or gas powered. These devices are used to cut concrete, masonry, metal pipe, and other hard materials. They are also referred to as chop saws, abrasive saws, and abrasive cutting machines.

A cut-off machine is usually equipped with a rotary or a vertically movable cutting disc. The rotatable cutting disc is raised and lowered through a slot in the top surface of the housing. This motion allows the cuttings to be thrown toward the enlarged hole at the rear of the housing. At the same time, the cuttings tend to build up and bridge the hole.

A cutting disc mechanism is particularly useful when using an abrasive cut-off machine. In this type of cut-off machine, the disk is typically supported by a V-block of two independent clamping arms. As the cutting disc moves through the workpiece, a coolant stream is introduced into the workpiece, removing debris and heat.

An improved abrasive cutting-off machine has a fully enclosed housing. This substantially reduces noise, as well as the flying particles that are generated during operation. It is also fitted with a kicker that prevents the buildup of cuttings over the slot. This prevents the buildup of hot sparks and provides maximum safety for the operator.

The single head cutting-off machine is a popular model. It is often used to cut aluminium alloy door profiles, and metal sheet profiles of different widths. This type of cut-off machine can also be used to perform 45deg miter cuts. One of its advantages is that the cut-off machine is very easy to use. Several features such as a push stick, a dynamometer, a parallel guide, and a hydraulic damping cylinder provide additional utility.

The electronic twin-head cutting-off machine is an advanced, high-performance model. It comes with a 81 cm3 high-performance two-stroke engine. A large spindle lock button enables fast blade changes while wearing gloves. Also, a 5.7″ touch screen interface is included. It is designed to provide total optimization.

Pneumatic cutting-off machines are ideal for variable length material. Combined with a brushless motor and planetary gearbox, this technology combines the advantages of manual and electrical operations. Another feature is a variable-speed drive that allows for the adjustment of the cutting disc’s speed. For added safety, the OPTI PLUS is equipped with fluorescent gypsum and signs indicating the presence of defects. Moreover, the electronic machined profile thickness meter makes it possible to correct cutting positions automatically, based on the real profile dimensions.

Some of the other notable features of the cutting-off machines are the automatic wheel feed and the hydropneumatic feed unit. This enables a fast and reliable work process. Optimum cutting rate is easily set, and the length stop is adjustable with a vernier scale. The adjustable fence is also included, allowing for the cutting of a wide variety of materials.

With its high power and a highly durable design, this cutting-off machine can handle a wide variety of materials. Moreover, it can be configured for a wide range of tilting options.